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The Coconut on this One by Jess Lau

This is my first song I've ever written. I started writing it back in December 2007 and I only completed it on July 18th 2011! This recording was done with my voice recorder, in one take (no editing), so please pardon the slight mistakes! I'd like to record it properly one day, and also add some extra guitar parts.

Diverse minds
Different faces
All inclined to do as they please
Too many breaths
Too many heartbeats
Tongues are tied from this excess

This may not even be an issue to some
But ignorance is not bliss for the complex ones
Figuring out our sense of self or what we believe...

Two beings
Two shores
One to the south
And another to the north
On that clear night
I knew for sure
Long ago
We met before

The water moves like the flow of memories
Waves walk up shore but subside back to the big expanse
My brain expands as I survey the past
I wonder

Where are we wandering now?
Slowing time, ignoring the crowd.
Following our whims until
the years add up and settle us down.

I for one can't grow roots yet.
But memories sure weigh a bit.
They plant my feet firm.
I stand within the waves.
This is my land.