Speaking of God; when I saw Lac Leman with the Alps in aerial perspective, and Lausanne's houses built by the hillside...
I was ready to cry.
I want to know why though! It really made me feel something.
Like...it really moved me, and I don't quite know why or how.
It was once believed that God and perfection were equals. As in, something is beautiful because it is perfect, and if it is perfect, it is like seeing God, since He is all-perfect.
Was it that that I felt? Did I cry because I felt connected to God? I don't really believe in Him anymore. I stopped believing for quite some time...and I can't really pinpoint when.

10:50AM. Have you ever seen something so beautiful that it made you cry?

3:30PM. I want to die.
because if I did, I'd die completely satisfied.